The Global Snapshot Update

Dear Readers,

I apologize for the sudden pause of the weekly newsletter. The Global Snapshot team is going through a period of transformation. We are restructuring the organization, advancing our current product, and actively working towards providing unbiased media to the whole world. As a result, the Co-Founders and I have decided to change our service from a weekly sent a newsletter to a news platform where people can access unbiased media content alongside civilized discussion with others around the world using the platform. The content uploaded to the platform will be from in-house content and verified journalists who are not biased towards one side politically. In addition, the platform will include political and non-political content for a broader range of topics for our audience. The civilized discussion will happen through moderated group messaging and voice communication.

We are currently conducting market research. It would be fantastic if the current subscribers could support The Global Snapshot by participating in market research to build products/services that people need/want and join Beta 1.0 when it is released! (Beta 1.0 will be released hopefully during the mid-end of January 2023).

Thank you so much for your support. (Market Research Form)


Harry (CEO)